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Acrylic Nail Extensions

Welcome to your future with the By Jessica Morris Acrylic nail course! Acrylic nail extensions have been among the most popular of nail treatments for decades now and do not show any sign of going out of popularity. Therefore is an amazing and unmissable service to offer as a nail technician.


This two day course, begins with the theory side of being a nail technician, covering everything from nail anatomy and physiology to insurance as a self employed individual. This is then followed by a trainer demonstration, and the remaining course time on practical training, including preparation of the nail bed, tip application, picking up a bead, bead to monomer ratio, acrylic application, shaping and filing, infill process and acrylic removal before being presented with your fully accredited qualification and certificate. 


Within this course, you will receive a full professional acrylic nail kit featuring top recommended brands and products, that will allow you to begin your nail tech career as soon as your walk out of the door. Please see below for all that is included in your kit.


Once qualified, expect access to an exclusive group chat for qualified By Jessica Morris students ONLY, offering 24/7 support, honest advice, guidance and tips to running your nail business, first refusal to new course dates, unlimited shadow days with Jessica herself to further increase your confidence and skills, 10% off your first year nail insurance with ABT and so much more.


Do not hesitate and add acrylic nail services to your skills now - coming to By Jessica Morris very soon!

Course Breakdown

  • 1/2 day course - (1/1 - 1 day/2-1 - 2 day)

  • No previous nail experience needed to enrol onto course

  • Theory -  health & safety, nail anatomy & physiology etc

  • Practical assessment training

  • Full demonstrated by trainer

  • Full kit included

  • By Jessica Morris certification and accreditation 

  • Ongoing mentoring and support

  • Drinks and snacks provided 


Full Kit Included

  • Cuticle pusher

  • Cuticle nipper 

  • Nail clippers

  • 180/150/100 nail grit files

  • Nail glue

  • Box of nail tips

  • Nail tip cutter

  • Dehydrator

  • Primer

  • Acrylic brush

  • Pot of acrylic powder

  • Bottle of monomer

  • Buffer

  • Top coat

  • Soak off bowl

  • Acetone

  • Tool sanitising spray 

  • Cuticle oil 

  • Nail lamp

  • Dusting brush

Book Your Selected Course

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Structure of Course

  • Introduction to nail treatment

  • Sterilisation and disinfection

  • Fire safety & risk assessments

  • Salon treatment area & hygiene

  • Professional ethics & standards of practise

  • Nail anatomy and physiology

  • Contraindications & contra-actions 

  • Nail abnormalities 

  • Preparation of the natural nails

  • Tip application/overlays

  • Picking up a bead of acrylic

  • Acrylic to monomer ratio

  • Acrylic application 

  • Shaping of the nails

  • Infill process

  • Removal of acrylic nails

  • Social media tips

  • Photography tips

Course Policies...

• A 20% non refundable or transferable booking fee of the total booking price is required to secure your place on the course.
Until this is paid, you are not booked onto the course.

• You must take the beginners gel polish course before you can attend the beginners
BIAB course. Exceptions for this include providing a valid gel polish qualification.

Payment plans can be put in place to break down the cost of the course - these can be discussed and arranged via message.
Payment must be made within I week prior to the course date at the very latest. Failure to do so will result in your place on the course cancelled and no further bookings with By Jessica Morris.

You must attend the course with absolutely nothing on your natural nails unless specified otherwise.


•    Beginners Gel Polish course runs - 1 - 5pm with drinks and snacks provided.

    •    Beginners BIAB course runs - roam - 4pm - with a short break for lunch - drinks and snacks will be provided but bringing a sandwich for example is advised.

    •    Cancellation for your place on the course must be at least 2 weeks before the initial course date.
    •    You must attend the course on your own.

    •    If you fall unwell prior to attending your course date, your booking fee will be invalid and a new booking fee will be needed to secure slots on another training date.

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